Buying Vouchers

  1. Where can I buy a Gift Voucher?

Login to your account. Go to the footer section, under My account, and click on Gift Certificates. That will redirect you to Purchase a Gift Certificate page. Supply all the necessary details, then proceed to Checkout.

  1. How can I apply for a Gift Voucher?

Login to your account. Go to the Shopping Cart, under What would you like to do next?, Click Use Gift Certificate. Enter your Gift Certificate Code in the voucher field, then proceed to check out.

Important!: Choose Free checkout under Payment Method if the voucher covers all total amount you are purchasing.

  1. What will happen if I share the voucher code I purchased?

Vouchers can be used as long as the balance is not all used up. 

  1. What is the minimum or the maximum amount that I can purchase? 

Users can only purchase vouchers/gift certificates ranging from Php 300 to Php 1000

  1. Can I still use my voucher that has a remaining balance?

The remaining balance of the voucher can be applied to another purchase. It will be deducted from the total checkout amount of your order.

  1. Until when can I use my voucher?

Vouchers can be used until the remaining balance is zero.

  1. Does my voucher have an expiration date?

There is no expiration date for vouchers.

  1. Why is my voucher not working?

The voucher is either invalid or the balance has been used up.

  1. What are different kinds of vouchers? 

There are two types of voucher: coupon codes and gift certificates. Coupon codes give discounted prices or limited offers to customers and are only given on special occasions.

On the other hand, gift certificates can be purchased anytime by customers and are sent to their chosen recipients via email. This type of voucher is a redeemable code that contains a monetary value.

  1. Can I use multiple vouchers in one transaction?

Users can only use one (1) voucher for every transaction.

  1. Are vouchers refundable?

No, they are not. Before completing purchase of the gift certificate, there will be an agreement that gift certificates are non-refundable.